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Auto Coders consistently strive to achieve the highest levels with regard to their website design and development. Over the years they have built a very strong design and development team with vast industry experience and a passion for technology.

As a trusted partner Auto Coders is helping its clients connect with car buyers using best practice design and user experience analysis.

Auto Coders have been designing and developing automotive websites for 9 years and therefore have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Unlike other generic website agencies, Auto Coders are therefore able to understand your exact requirement and offer advice and consultation based upon their industry knowledge.

Not only have Auto Coders gained extensive industry knowledge but they have also built a comprehensive website framework. This framework includes a vast amount of functionality that can be "tapped" into for your website including in-depth vehicle data, pricing and online quotation systems, content sections such as reviews, blogs and news and all enquiry and lead handling processes.

Regarding website design and usability, we have trialled many approaches to all elements of the automotive website, split testing enquiry forms to ensure maximum conversion, trialling different website sections and approaches to understand user behaviour. In addition we strive to achieve cutting edge designs to ensure your site stands out amongst the crowd.

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